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TCWU Club Meetings

Meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday of the month with the exception of a potential Holiday conflict. 

Club socializing starts at 6:30 pm and the monthly presentation's start at 7:00 pm. We do not Meet in June, July or August.

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Unless stated otherwise, meetings are held at:

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TCWU Guest Speakers 2021 -2022

2021-22 speaker lineup.png

We host top Walleye personalities & tour professionals to speak at club events. Past speakers include; Korey Sprengel, Al Linder, Babe Winkelman, Chip Leer, Steve Pennaz, Gary Roach, Tony Roach, Jason Przekurat, Bill Sherck, Johnnie Candle, Ted Takasaki and Dave Gentz


Guest Speakers


Gord Pyzer

Jason Przekurat

Korey Sprengel

Nate Winters

Robert Cardenas

Steve Fellegy

Ted Takasaki


Guest Speakers

Scott Glorvigen

Mike Frisch

Bill Sherck

Tommy Skarlis

Chip Leer

Mark Courts

Steve Pennaz

James Burnham

John Arms

March 7, 2019 - 7:00 PM


Guest Speakers

Corey Heiser

Steve Carney

Babe Winkelman

Tom Neustrom

Dave Genz

Keith Kavajecz

Terry Tuma

"The Griz"

Gary Wicks


Guest Speakers

Bruce Sampson

Dan Eigen

Al Linder

Brian Brosdahl

Scott Brewer 

Kyle Agre

Tony Roach

Johnnie Candle

Nancy Koep

Brad Laabs

Laura Schara

Gary Roach

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