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Join us at our Club Outing with Tony Roach on Saturday February 17th, 2024
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Great news members, we have scheduled our 5th Annual Ice Fishing Camp with Tony Roach as our guide and coach. Tony is stoked to host this event and has an awesome day of Fun planned for us.

Event Details

Date: Saturday February 17th, 2024

Time and Schedule

  • Event Details

  • Meet at Nitti's Hunters Point Resort at 7:00 am for breakfast.

  • Tony will coach us up and lay out the game plan for the all day fish.

  • Lunch will be served on the Ice, bring your favorite snacks and beverages.

  • Bring your fishing gear; Tony will make sure you are rigged up for success.

  • You are welcome to bring your portable Ice shelter

  • Prizes, you Betcha! Tony has some cool stuff to award

  • If you and your fishing buddies want to turn this into a weekend of fishing fun, contact Nitti's directly (see contact information below). Nitti's offers lodging and a variety of fish house rentals. Book your lodging now if you plan to make it a weekend of fishing fun!


$175.00 each (Tip not included) Kids 16 and under attend for Free!

Camp includes shelters, lunch, bait, personal coaching from Tony and his guides and the latest ice fishing technology and equipment to try. 

Address: 5436 479th St, Isle, MN 56342

Phone: (320) 676-3227

Event Coordinator Contact information if you have questions:

Fun Pics from Past Years

Map to Nitti's.png

Want to bring your personal magic bait or need a last minute tackle purchase? We recommend the following locations.


Hours 5:30am-11 pm


750 HWY 47 South

ISLE, MN 56342



Johnsons Portside Bait and Liquor  

Hours 6am-10 pm

42099 State HWY 47

Isle, MN 

(320) 676 3811

Fun Facts on Lake Mille Lacs

Walleye is the fish of interest to the majority of anglers that visit Mille Lacs Lake. After a series of weak year classes from 2009 through 2012, we have seen good natural reproduction of walleye since then. Of particular note is the 2013-year class, which is the third strongest year class produced since annual sampling began in 1979.


With the restrictive regulations that have been in place in recent years, walleye from this year class have survived very well, and will be a large portion of what anglers catch. These walleye currently range from about 17 to almost 22 inches in length. The 2017-year class is also strong. Anglers will notice a fair abundance of these walleye, which average about 13 inches in length. In addition to these fish, good numbers of older, larger walleye are also present. The oldest walleye sampled last fall was a 23-year old female that was about 27 inches long.

Anglers experienced very high catch rates of walleye through the summer of 2019 and the following winter. These high catch rates were the result of the low abundance of prey species (primarily small yellow perch). We anticipate that these high catch rates will continue into the early part of the summer.

Lake Size

Area: 128,250.53 acres

Littoral Area: 33,129 acres

Shore Length: 92.03 miles

Mean Depth: 28.5 feet

Maximum Depth: 42 feet

Average Water Clarity: 10.8 feet

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